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Introduction to Medical Ozone and Ozone Therapy

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  • Over 100 years of medical history
  • 40 National and international medical ozone associations
  • 25,000 physicians and clinics use medical ozone on millions of patients.
  • Over 1,700 studies are listed and categorized at the site for ISCO3 ozone library

Welcome to the world of Medical Ozone Therapy


Over 1,700 studies are listed and categorized at the site for ISCO3 ozone library. Read More: Click Here

  • No major side effects
  • Treats over 100 diseases
  • Low cost  – for patient and Dr.
  • Help when traditional medicines have failed

Listen to the patient stories, read the studies. Then pass on this information to those who still suffer.

It is time for you to do some research…so enjoy exploring !

The History Of Ozone Therapy

Ozone was first-discovered in the late 1800s. The first uses were technological, the most common being the purification of water. Today, major cities all around the world use ozone to purify drinking water. Ozone has the unique property that literally all microbes are susceptible to its oxidizing powers without the development of resistance. Because of these remarkable antiseptic qualities, it was used successfully to treat infected wounds during the First World War. The wide spread medical use of ozone was first developed in Germany in the early 1950s. Today medical ozone therapy is common throughout Europe and has been gradually spreading to the United States over the last 15 years.  There are more than 40 international organizations representing thousands of physicians who use ozone in their daily practice.

Medical Properties of Ozone

Ozone has several general properties that account for its many clinical uses:

  • Ozone is a potent regulator of the immune system
  • Ozone stimulates increased uptake and utilization of oxygen
  • Ozone increases the efficiency of the body’s anti-oxidant enzyme system
  • Ozone improves circulation
  • Ozone is anti-inflammatory
  • Ozone is anti-microbial

Medical Conditions that May Benefit from Ozone Therapy

Because of its many therapeutic properties, ozone can be used as part of a therapeutic plan for many different diseases and conditions including:

  • Cancer
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Chronic infections such as hepatitis, cystitis, Lyme disease, etc.
  • Allergies, sinusitis
  • Intestinal diseases
  • Ear infections
  • Dental infections
  • Arthritis, degenerative joint disease, chronic pain
  • Degenerative back disease

How is Ozone Used Medically?

Ozone treatments can be applied in a variety of ways depending on the individual clinical situation. Dosages, methods of administration and treatment intervals are important considerations when seeking to gain the greatest benefit. Some of the common ways that ozone can be administered are:

  • Major or minor autohemotherapy (mixing ozone with blood and re-infusing)
  • Dissolved in IV fluid solutions ( saline or distilled water)
  • Insufflations (rectal & vaginal)
  • Auricular insufflations
  • Limb bagging
  • Topical exposure (ozonated olive oil)
  • Joint or subcutaneous injections

What is MAHT – Major Auto Hemo Therapy?

Blood (40 – 200 ml) is taken from the patient and 5% ozone gas to 95% medical oxygen (an equal amount) is added.  It is then re-infused in the patient.  Begin with 2-10 treatments 3 days apart and then space them further apart.

What is mAHT – Minor Auto Hemotherapy?

Blood ( 3-5 cc) is taken from the patient using a syringe prepped with 50-70 gamma (3-5 cc) of ozone. The mixture is shaken and injected into the patient and results in a vaccine-like response from the body.

What is Rectal or Vaginal Insufflation?

OOT – (ozone/oxygen therapy) is another name for ozone therapy.  100-800 ml of ozone gas (20-50 gamma) is infused into the patient. The best and most tested treatment is 20 days in a row and then three weeks off.  Not as tested but effective is two treatments per week.  Insufflation bags and a common catheter are used for this procedure.  Syringes can also be used with the catheter.

Find more information on insufflation here.

How Are Joint Injections Used In Ozone Therapy?

Joint injections with Ozone is a homeopathic/oxygen injection technique developed and pioneered by Dr. Shallenberger. Joint injections with Ozone is derived from the Latin word “proli” which means to regenerate or rebuild, and the word “ozone.” Joint injections with Ozone uses the power of oxygen to cause damaged tissues, joints, ligaments, and tendons to regenerate. It is excellent for all forms of musculoskeletal and joint pain.

How Does Limb Bagging Work?

Many use a clear PVC bag (any plastic bag may be used) and evacuate the air.  Secure it at the top and bottom.  Insert the ozone gas on one end and have another tube for evacuation of the gas through a charcoal destruct so ozone does not escape.  Different levels of gas (gamma) are recommended for either disinfection or to promote healing tissue reconstruction. The procedure is usually 20-30 minutes and is repeated daily.

Where Can I  Get Ozonated Oils?

There are companies that sell ozonated oils. At this time we do not recommend any particular supplier however, most can be found online.

How is Ozonated Water or Saline Used?

This can be used for female uterine infection, lavage in a surgical situation or sterilization of materials. For example, IV ozonated saline drip is a common practice in Russia.  The process takes longer than MAHT and is claimed to be not as effective by many.

Ozonated water can be drank but reports of effects are anecdotal.  Ozonated water can be used to wash fruits, vegetables and meats to kill surface bacteria and prolong shelf life.