Medical Ozone Organizations by Country
Country Association Website (if available) Est. No. of Physicians
World Federation of Oxygen – Ozone Therapy Based out of Brescia, Italy
 argentina Argentina Argentine Medical Association of Oxygen Ozone Therapy 167
 brazil Brazil Brazilian Association of Ozone Therapy, ABOZ. 200
 china China China Federation of Ozone Therapy (CFOT) 5000
 cuba Cuba The Ozone Research Center 500
Europe European Cooperation of the Medical Ozone Societies
 germany Germany German Medical Society for Ozone Application in Prevention and Therapy 11000
 austria Austria Austrian Mutual Interest Association of Ozone/Oxygen Therapists 30
 switzerland Switzerland Swiss Medical Society for Ozone and Oxygen Therapies (SAGOS) 67
 italy Italy Scientific Society of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (SIOOT) 3000
Italian Federation of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (FIO)  130
 turkey Turkey Medical Ozone Therapy Association (MODER) 200
 spain Spain Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy (AEPROMO) 500
Application Spanish Scientific Association of Oxygen-Ozone Therapy
 ecuador Ecuador Ecuadoran Society of Ozone Therapy 20
 egypt Egypt Egyptian Medical society for the Ozone Therapy and Complementary Medicine 200
 india India Ozone Forum of India 500
 japan Japan Japanese Society of Oxidative Medicine 50
 mexico Mexico Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy (AMOZON) 650
belarus Belarus Belarus Association of Ozone Therapists
 moldova Republic of Moldova Moldavian Association of Ozone Therapists
 romania Romania Scientific Romanian Association of Ozone Therapy (SSROOT) 20
 russia Russia Russian Association of Ozone Therapy 3500
southafrica South Africa Ozone Association of South Africa (OASA) 20
 ukraine Ukraine Ukrainian Association of Ozone Therapy 400
 unitedstates Unites States American Academy of Ozonotherapy (AAOT) 200
 venezuala Venezuala Venezuelan Society of Ozone Therapy (AVEOT) 25
 greece Greece Greek Scientific Association of Oxygen – Ozone Therapy 100
 philippines Philippines Philippines is called SopMed – Society of Ozone and Photonic Medicine 10
Countries with practicing doctors but no cohesive organizatiton
Canada 50
El Salvador
France 15
Puerto Rico
Slovokia 20
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom 15
Physician all over the world 26059
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