Medical Ozone and Ozone therapy



                     Inexpensive…. Safe…




  • Over 100 years of medical history
  • 40 National and international medical ozone associations
  • 25,000 physicians and clinics use medical ozone on millions of patients.
  • Over 1,700 studies are listed and categorized at the site for ISCO3 ozone library


Welcome to the world of Medical Ozone Therapy. 


Over 1,700 studies are listed and categorized at the site for ISCO3 ozone library
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* No major side effects
* Treats over 100 diseases
* Low cost  – for patient and Dr.
* Help when traditional medicines have failed

Listen to the patient stories, read the studies. Then pass on this information to those who still suffer.

It is time for you to do some research…so enjoy exploring !



This site, nor any of its contributors, does not provide medical advice, or diagnosis and makes no claims of cures. No medical treatment should be administered solely on the basis of the information herein. Only a licensed medical professionals can legally offer medical advice in the United States and Canada. Consult the medical professional of your choice for medical care and advice.

This site is intended to provide information both clinical and experiential regarding a treatment that has been used in thousands of clinics and hospitals over the past 80 Years.

We strongly recommend that persons who are investigating alternative or complementary therapeutic practice perform their own Due Diligence and take full responsibility for their actions.

The accuracy of any instructions, formulae, and drug doses should be independently verified with primary sources. The publisher shall not be liable for any loss, actions, claims, proceedings, demand, or costs or damages whatsoever or howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly in connection with or arising out of the use of this material.

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Ozone is not considered to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease by any US federal regulatory entity.

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