Half Life of Ozone

A physician will want to know if the ozone they are using is at the correct “gamma”  or ozone concentration. Time will diminish the strength of the ozone, for example, in water it is as little as 20 minutes.

Usually ozone has to be made on site or used within the day depending on a number of factors. The half life of ozone is the time it takes for the concentration of ozone or “gamma” to become one half of its original strength.

If I make a 50 gamma ozone and the half life is 20 minutes then in 20 minutes it will only have 25 gamma.

What Physicians Need to Know

1) At room temperature, ozonated saline or distilled water should be used within 20 minutes, after which time it should be refreshed. Cold ozonated water lasts longer but is only useful for drinking. Double distilled water is an exception and can have a half life of more than 6 hours.

2) You can fill an insufflation bag or syringe and the ozone will last all day but will lose potency. (Caution – make sure that the products are ozone resistant.)

The half life for ozonated distilled water at room temperature is about 20 minutes. Double distilled water is about 6 hrs
(see chart below)

The half life for ozone gas in a glass container at room temperature is 3 days, however, humidity of 50% will cut that down to 11 hours.

Half life is dependent on:

  • whether the ozone is gas or in liquid
  • the temperature
  • for gas – humidity, air movement, reactivity of the container of the ozone
  • for liquid – whether it is distilled water, double distilled, or saline


Half Life of Ozone in Water


Figure 2: Ozone decomposition in different types of water at 68 °F. 1 = double-distilled water; 2 = distilled water; 3 = tap water; 4 = groundwater of low hardness; 5 = filtered water from Lake Zurich (Switzerland); 6 = filtered water from the Bodensee (Switzerland)

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The cooler the liquid temperature the longer the half life

Temp (F) Half-Life
Temp (F) Half-Life
59 30 minutes
68 20 minutes
77 15 minutes
86 12 minutes
95 8 minutes
For saline:

according to Russian medical experts the 1/2 life is about 30 minutes at 68 °F



For  Ozone in gas form tightly contained in a glass container or a common chart that is listed on right


Temp (F) Humidity (%) Half life (min) in hrs
Temp (F) Humidity (%) Half life (min) in hrs
77 0 1524 25.4
77 45 705 11.75
77 87 451 7.5
37 0 2439 40.65


Temp (F) half-life *
Temp (F) half-life *
-58 3-months
-31 18-days
-13 8-days
68 3-days
248 1.5-hours









Decomposition of Ozone


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