Joint Injection Therapy


Joint Injection Therapy is used to relieve joint pain and restore joints and is not appropriate for the beginning ozone physician.Joint Injection Therapy requires special training to:

1) Learn proper techniques, and

2) Become proficient and confidant in the therapy.


Joint Injection for Hip, Knee, Shoulder, and Neck

Typical materials needed include:

  • 1 ½ “ x 27g needle
  • 1-2ml procaine/lidocaine
  • 5-10 ml BiOcean complex or similiar
  • 5-10 ml 10-15 gamma ozone
  • Other injection formulas may use methyl B-12, folic acid and a B-complex along with homeopathic solutions.
  • Inject solution followed by ozone using the same needle staying in the same spot.


It is suggested that you sign up for an Ozone Training Course and learn these techniques before attempting this uncomplicated but important therapy.
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