Wound Healing


Ozone heals wounds faster. It is non toxic, safe and effective for even antibiotic-resistant bacteria (MRSA)


3 methods of application:
1. As a gas
2. Delivered in a liquid (saline or distilled water)
3. Ozonated oils


When applied to a wound, ozone peroxides and ozonides are formed and stimulate wound healing.


Ozone (O3) has been widely recognized as one of the best bactericidal, antiviral and antifungal agents.

Valacchi G, Fortino V, Bocci V. The dual action of ozone on the skin. Br J Dermatol 2005;153:1096–1100.



On the left are images of the effects of ozonated olive oil on clinical wound closure. The photomicrographs demonstrate the enhanced wound closure, in the ozone group, on the left two wounds (a and b) on the back of the guinea pig, as compared to the oil group (c) as well as the control group (d).
wound and nurse
The pictures are not for the faint of heart but (Click Here) for an impressive look at ozone healing on a necrotic tissue after a bone break


The basic idea is that the infected wound (or fresh wound) needs a stronger concentration of ozone via limb bagging or ozonated saline or ozonated water. The liquids wash the wound and kill bacteria and viruses. After a day or so, lower concentrations of limb bagging or ozonated oils are used to promote healing. Stronger concentrations of ozone will actually retard healing after the initial cleansing takes place.


A German procedure is listed out in the following graph:
Look at wound healing for more information.

TABLE : Topical Applications
Indication Ozone Concentration Form Of Application Treatment Time Treatment Frequency
Decubitus ulcers After wound cleansing 80–100µg/ml beginning


Low pressure suction cup 2–10 min Daily first
then 2×per week
Diabetic gangrene after wound cleansing 80–100µg/ml beginning


Low pressure plastic bag 10–20 min Daily first,
then 2×per week
Ulcus cruris Wound cleansing 80–100µg/ml beginning Plastic bag (not low pressure!) 10–20 min Daily first,
then 2×per week
Wound healing 20–30µg/ml Compresses + rinsing with ozone water 1–5 min several times daily
Burns stage 1 and 2 20–30µg/ml Plastic bag, compresses + rinsing with ozone water 10-20 minutes
1–5 min
First 1–2× per day,
several times per day

Look at wound healing for more information.

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