People want to live longer.

They want to be unstoppable and crush their goals, both in career and personal aspects.  They want to slow and prevent aging, to create a youthful, fit, and attractive body.

As people, we don’t like to think about our mortality.  We prefer to think about living a long, fulfilling life.  I mean, who wants to go through the process of death?

Aging can be scary.  Aging and death have a lot of unknowns to them.

I’ve frequently fretted over the idea of death, despite its inevitable role in life.  “What will it feel like? Will I be prepared to meet God?”

In today’s world, there is a big push for anti-aging and living longer.

By all means I believe in living a healthy life so we can age gracefully, help more people, and remain autonomous.  But the focus should not be living for the sake of living.  I would much rather die with God-driven purpose at age 26 than live to 126 with a vain, empty life.

typical longevity medicine headline

Deep down, most people prefer fulfillment in life over quantity of life.  Until you have accepted the reality of aging, death, and eternity, you won’t feel at peace with it.

I don’t write this to drive fear into you.  Death is reality and naturally carries an element of fear with it.  We can choose to ignore it or embrace the process. It’s often said, “Ignoring a problem doesn’t make it go away.”  In fact, it makes the problem larger. My vote is to embrace the process of aging, ideally in the hope God has given us through the Bible.

Aging is not a disease, it is an inevitable byproduct of death and life.

So what does this have to do with ozone therapy?

Well, it allows ozone therapy to be placed in the appropriate context.  I’m not going to tell you how ozone therapy will make you live to 150 (like many biohacking copywriters would do).  I’m going to tell you what I ACTUALLY think about ozone therapy.


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Ozone Therapy, A Biohacking Tool

Oxygen is the forgotten nutrient.  It’s the most important nutrient. We have to constantly consume oxygen to survive.  You will die if you are deprived of oxygen for a measly seven minutes. No other nutrient is as necessary to our livelihood.

We often forget about oxygen because it’s like gravity.  You don’t wake up in the morning thinking about it. It’s everywhere, you’re saturated by it.

The big difference between a 20 year old and a 70 year old is how well they utilize oxygen and create energy.

How well are you utilizing the oxygen you breath in?  Is your body using it for energy production or misappropriating oxygen and causing damage?

Oxygen affects every aspect of your body.  Poor oxygen utilization can lead to accelerated aging, diminished performance, and disease.

You are about to learn how ozone therapy claims to help us to live longer, healthier lives through regulating oxidative stress and improving oxygen utilization.

biochemistry oxidative stress ozone therapy

Oxidative Stress – A Primary Factor In Aging and Disease

Aging and disease are complex, multifactorial processes that are difficult to nail down.  Although there are many factors in aging, scientists have begun to theorize that oxidative stress may be one of the leading causes of aging and disease.

Oxidative stress increases as we age and can be found in literally every disease.

Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants.

Biochemistry free radical toxicity ozone therapy

Free radicals are byproduct from your cells creating energy and performing tasks.  Think, “cellular poop.” An excess of free radicals can damage DNA, cells, and other molecules because they steal electrons from them, an important part of the molecule’s structure.  We constantly create free radicals. Free radicals play an important role in cell signaling, kind of like a traffic controller.

Antioxidants have the capability of quenching free radicals because they have extra electrons to donate.  Antioxidants help to bring balance back to the system.

Too many free radicals will produce oxidative stress, which is where free radicals cause damage.  Oxidative stress can beget more oxidative stress, creating a vicious cycle of damage in the body, leading to aging and disease.

Yes, some of these molecules are actually useful and important in any number of bodily reactions.  But too much of a good thing can have adverse consequences. We might either MAKE too many radicals or just don’t CLEAN them up fast enough when they’ve done their job.

A healthy body will respond to oxidative stress with antioxidants.  For example, exercise will actually create oxidative stress, but a healthy body will create antioxidants to quench the free radicals and neutralize the harmful potential.

The imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants causes damage, known as oxidative stress.  

antioxidant neutralizing free radical

How Are Free Radicals Produced?

Free radicals are produced from little organelles called mitochondria.  Mitochondria are responsible for creating energy by creating adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule responsible for all the energy in your body.

Mitochondria are like little power plants that keep you alive.

Mitochondria produce free radicals as a byproduct because they create energy.  Due to the mitochondria’s close relationship to free radicals, they are a primary target for oxidative stress damage.  Disruption of the mitochondria is called mitochondrial dysfunction, which further accelerates aging, likelihood of disease, and diminished performance.

mitochondrial dysfunction aging oxidative stress

Causes of Oxidative Stress

The trick is not to eliminate oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction, because that’s impossible, but to mediate it.  We want to diminish the effects of oxidative stress. When a person is in a state of oxidative stress for a long period of time, it’s called chronic oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is inevitable in our daily lives.

Even for a healthy person, it is a good idea to diminish oxidative stress to stay biologically younger.

Many elements contribute to the cycle of unnecessary oxidative stress, including:

  1. Smokingbrain oxidative stress
  2. Poor air/water quality
  3. Poor diet
  4. Harmful chemicals
  5. Harmful pharmaceutical drugs
  6. Dehydration (more common than you think)
  7. Too little exercise
  8. Too much exercise (a highly excessive amount)
  9. Obesity
  10. Emotional stress
  11. Poor oxygenation

Oxidative stress causes agingThe list could continue on for a long time, but you get the idea.  Generally, things that are bad for you cause oxidative stress and damage.

A typical elderly person will have exponentially more oxidative stress than a young person.  Our ability to create an appropriate response of antioxidants decreases, allowing the oxidative stress to get more and more out of control.

Chronic diseases are often formed during periods of chronic oxidative stress.  Once the disease settles in, it tends to create even more oxidative stress. This is partly why it can be so difficult to dig yourself out of the pits of chronic disease.  It usually takes significant lifestyle changes and intervention to disrupt the cycle of oxidative stress.

Adversity Breeds Strength – Reducing and Mediating Oxidative Stress

Most people want to become stronger, whether it be physical, mental, or in character.  As humans, we desire to progress in lifes. However, this building of strength never comes without difficulty.

An overweight person will not lose weight by sitting on the couch and hoping the fat melts off.   They have to get up and exercise. When they workout, they cause microtears in the muscle, allowing the muscle to rebuild stronger than before.

As they workout, they are also causing oxidative stress.


I thought all oxidative stress was all bad?

No, I never said that.  Unnecessary and chronic oxidative stress is bad.

Healthy exercise causes mild oxidative stress, which signals a different pathway in the body, stimulating an increased amount of antioxidants that will help your body regulate itself, homeostasis.

Similar to exercise, ozone therapy helps to eliminate oxidative stress by causing mild oxidative stress, signaling the correct pathway for homeostasis and balancing the body.

A drug will force the body to take a certain action.  Ozone therapy is said to be different because it just helps the body to perform as it should.

Dr. Bocci, the father of ozone therapy, wrote a summary statement,

“There is a wide consensus on the relevance of the induction of protective molecules during small but repeated oxidative stress.  In other words, the concept that a precisely controlled oxidative stress can strengthen the antioxidant defenses is well accepted today… Ozone therapy, not only may correct a chronic oxidative stress, but it may also stimulate untapped resources”

One clinical trial was able to display positive results in reducing oxidative stress for diabetic patients.  They administered ozone therapy rectal insufflation to each of the patients (excluding the control group).  All the patients who received ozone therapy had a significant decrease in oxidative stress.

Another study suggested the ability of ozone therapy to significantly increase antioxidants in patients with heart problems.  They observed significant increases in the patient’s ability to produce antioxidants naturally.

These studies claim, ozone therapy may mediate and reduce oxidative stress.  Smart people proactively do ozone therapy on a regular basis to reduce the effects of aging and decrease the likelihood of disease.

And here’s the kicker… Many people do ozone therapy at home for under $1 per treatment (more on that at the end of the article).

While avoiding oxidative stress is important for remaining youthful and reducing disease, it is equally important to maintain and promote our ability to utilize oxygen.

Oxygen Utilization

Oxygen utilization is our body’s ability to use oxygen for metabolism, a necessary process for creating energy, repairing the body, and eliminating waste; maintaining life.

Our body has to be extremely precise with its use of oxygen.  Think of the precision required in building a rocket ship. The most brilliant scientists, engineers, and mathematicians all come together for the sole purpose of propelling a rocket into space.  They must execute every single calculation, assembly, and preparation with absolute precision. A slight miscalculation could cause the rocket ship to explode.

Your body performs this extreme precision with oxygen, every single second.

What happens when you start to put trans fats in your body instead of healthy fats?  What happens when you sit around all day? What happens when you don’t exercise your mind?  What happens as you get older?

Failure to launch.

Your body starts to misappropriate the use of oxygen.  Instead of creating high-performing rocket fuel for your body, it begins to throw wrenches into the system. 

Dr. Frank Shallenberger, in a publicly available lecture, displayed the gradual decline of mitochondrial function due to oxygen utilization.  As we age, our bodies become increasingly less capable of utilizing the oxygen we are breathe in..

Like a frog in boiling water, you might not even notice the diminished ability to utilize oxygen.

Do you go into another room, forgetting why you went in there?

Do your joints ache after exercise or long periods of sitting?

Do you gain weight more easily?  Is it harder to put on muscle?

Yes, these things are just a part of aging.  But there are ways to diminish the gradual trend of decreased oxygen utilization.  Oxygen will affect all areas of life.

Would you like to be more clear minded, have more energy, and get in better shape?  Increase your oxygen utilization.

It’s important to distinguish the difference between oxygen utilization and breathing oxygen.

Breathing oxygen only refers to the amount of oxygen you breath in, or total volume.

Oxygen utilization is how well you use the oxygen that you are breathing.

Even if you put a pulse oximeter on your finger and it reads “99%” saturation, that doesn’t mean you are using the oxygen well.  It just means that you have the oxygen in your body.

Breathing in more oxygen isn’t going to help your body use it better.  When oxygen enters your body, it will either metabolize fat and glucose into water and CO2. But other tracks create more free radicals.  If much of the oxygen you breathe is creating free radicals, simply breathing more oxygen won’t necessarily help.

Dr. Shallenberger reported on a clinical study where they gathered 50 randomly selected people from ages 20 – 40 years old.  The purpose was to test their mitochondrial function. They found that only 54% of the participants had normal mitochondrial function.  Which left 46% with abnormal amounts of mitochondrial dysfunction! Poor oxygen efficiency increases mitochondrial dysfunction.

Dr. Shallenberger went on to say, “Mitochondrial decay is inevitable.  What is not inevitable is the rate of decay.  The mitochondrial rate of decay is determined by one thing: oxygen efficiency.”

Multiple scientists claim that ozone therapy increases the body’s ability to utilize oxygen.

Dr. Bocci wrote about ozone therapy improving oxygen utilization when he says,

“It must be added that ozonated erythrocytes show an improved glycolysis with an increase of ATP… Extensive data have been reported in reviews and two books. It is now clear that a “physiological” ozone dose … triggers an acute and precisely calculated oxidative stress able to activate several biological processes…”

Furthermore, the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy describe ozone’s ability to improve “metabolism of oxygen”, A.K.A. oxygen efficiency.

In short, mitochondrial dysfunction increases as we age because of decreasing oxygen utilization.  Scientists claim that ozone therapy increases oxygen efficiency, energy production, and mediates aging.

Although ozone therapy has a multitude of benefits, for the purposes of Biohacking and longevity, we only focused on oxidative stress and oxygen efficiency.  We have plenty of other articles and videos that will educate you further into ozone therapy.


How do people do ozone therapy at home for less than $1 per treatment?

How People Do Ozone Therapy

People do ozone therapy at home or the doctor’s office.

At the doctor’s office, they typically do MaH/UBI (Major Autohemotherapy/Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation).  It is claimed to be an extremely effective therapy. It costs between $175 – $300 per treatment and usually 6 – 10 treatments are done over 3 – 10 weeks.

For less money, people do ozone therapy at home on a daily basis in three minutes or less.  Many reports claim that rectal insufflation is 50 – 95% as effective as the intravenous methods.  Rectal insufflation has a couple other advantages:

  • It can be done daily – more ozone therapy!
  • It can be done at home
  • For the price of a few intravenous therapies at the doctor’s, people get their own equipment at home

Total cost for a basic home set up is about $1,150 after all is said and done.


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Three Easy Steps for Performing Ozone Therapy at Home…

  • STEP 1: Get An Oxygen Tank
  • STEP 2: Buy An Ozone Generator complete Kit
  • STEP 3: Enjoy the Benefits of Ozone Therapy at Home

540 vs 870 oxygen tank

STEP 1: Get An Oxygen Tank

An oxygen tank is necessary to produce pure medical grade ozone.

Choose between 870 Medical or 540 Industrial.  They are rated for the same grade of oxygen.

870 Medical Oxygen Tanks require a prescription and are harder to get.  People get a prescription from their doctor and then Google search, “Oxygen Supply Near Me.”  They take the oxygen prescription into the oxygen supply store and get an oxygen tank for about $100, refills are about $15.

People pay cash because ozone therapy is not covered by insurance.  They generally have the easiest time getting oxygen if they have a prescription for migraines.  Some medical oxygen supplies only allow rentals of oxygen tanks, which is more expensive over time.

Most people choose to get 540 Industrial oxygen tanks because the process is much easier.  Just Google “Airgas near me” or “Praxair near me”.  Go in and ask for a size “R” oxygen tank (20 cu/ft of oxygen).  It’s portable but should still last you 3 – 12 months, depending on how you use it.  The tanks typically cost about $100 for the initial purchase and $15 for refills.


Kits like this cost about $1,035 and will allow you to do ozone therapy at home for Biohacking and longevity.

Do not buy a knock off or some cheap machine.  These can produce contaminants and add toxicity to your body.  They also have unreliable/inaccurate dosing potentially, causing harm and negating the positive effects of ozone.

Do not pay too much for your ozone equipment.  Some companies charge a lot more for no added bonus and generally use scare tactics.
A kit you buy online should include:

stratus 3.0 medical ozone generator

  • A Medical Grade Ozone Generator
  • Ozone Water Bubbler System (Includes destruct but not 3-way valve)
  • Ozone Stethoscope
  • 2 3-Chambered Ozone Insufflation Bags
  • 2 60cc Syringes
  • 1 10 Pack of Catheters
  • Ozone Cream Sample Pack
  • Your choice of regulator

With this kit people will:

  • Make ozone water for drinking and swishing
  • Rectal insufflation for the best systemic benefit
  • Ear insufflation for ear, nose, throat, and brain issues


Enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy at home with your new ozone therapy gadgets.

You can click here for a full instructional guide on how ozone therapy is done at home.

You learned about improving oxygen utilization and regulating oxidative stress to live a longer, healthier life, as claimed by ozone therapy scientists.

Oxidative stress and oxygen utilization play vitally important roles in the health of our body.

We don’t like to think about aging and mortality.  It is an inescapable reality that we all must face.  But with Biohacking, longevity, and anti-aging tools like ozone therapy, we can hope to age more gracefully and with fewer issues.

Remember, your purpose on earth is not to live for the sake of living.  While it’s your responsibility to do what you can to say healthy, it is not your identity.  Your identity and purpose run much deeper than your ability to produce or stay healthy.

James 1:14 says, “you do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.” The reality is that we will all pass someday.  It is more important that you are ready for eternity than focusing on the temporary.


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