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2412, 2019

Ozone Ear Insufflation: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and How it’s Done

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Ear Ozone Therapy is said to be useful for ear infections, sinus infections, mold toxicity, Lyme disease, and more What is Ear Insufflation Ozone Therapy? Using an oxygen tank and a small medical grade ozone generator (the size of a brick), a gas mixture of ozone and oxygen is created and pumped into the ears over the course of a few minutes. It is said to be useful for ear infections, sinus infections, mold toxicity, lyme, and more. Ozone ear insufflation is usually self-administered at home with supplies acquired online or administered at a doctors office. Most people do it at home for chronic, recurring, or severe issues. Get Access to the Free Guide on Ozone Therapy Click Here Get Access to the Free Guide on Ozone Therapy Click Here Ozone is [...]

2211, 2019

Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

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What is rectal insufflation ozone therapy and how effective is it? At a glance: All of us have the potential for developing chronic disease.  When our body is overflowed with stressors, we begin to develop symptoms. Oxygen is one of the most important elements to our life, even more than food or water.  Ozone therapy claims to help oxygenate the body by improving metabolic efficiency. Chronic oxidative stress is widely believed to be a root cause of aging and inflammation.  Scientists believe chronic oxidative stress can be reversed with ozone therapy.  An imbalanced immune system can lead to a cadence of issues.  Ozone therapy is claimed to have an immune modulating effect. How does rectal insufflation ozone therapy affect the whole body?  Does it have a negative effect on the gut biome? What does it treat? How do people perform rectal insufflation ozone therapy?   Have you ever had a [...]

1610, 2019

Ozone Therapy – A Miraculous Treatment Or A Toxic Substance?

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Is ozone therapy safe? At A Glance: There are two different sides of ozone therapy and its safety. One side says that ozone can only be toxic. The other side says ozone therapy yields beneficial results. What does each side say? Claims on the dangers: the FDA, Journal of Oncology, American Cancer Society, and Journal of Cardiology claim ozone therapy is dangerous. There is a lot of information about the dangers of breathing ozone but not about the dangers of ozone therapy. Claims on the safety: It is the job of ozone therapy advocates to prove ozone therapy is safe, not the job of skeptics to prove its dangers. Ozone is approved in many countries, growing in scientific resource, increasing in amount of scientific organizations, and has a large social backing. While the FDA maintains that ozone is a toxic gas, they approved Vasogen through phase III FDA trials which [...]

2709, 2019

Is Ozone Therapy Really Used To Enhance The Performance Of The Best Athletes In The World?

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Ion Cutelaba, and Adrian Peterson have openly used ozone therapy to improve their athletic performance. Most of us would like to kick back and say, “Adrian Peterson does it, I should too!” If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you? Our criteria for implementation needs to run deeper than an endorsement from a celebrity figure or athlete.  Adrian Peterson is susceptible to the same marketing as you and I. Today we are going to ask the question, “Does ozone therapy actually improve athletic performance or have these athletes been fooled into another treatment that doesn’t work?” Most researchers claim that ozone therapy is useful for immune modulation and increasing oxygen efficiency.  Nonetheless, ozone therapy has made its way into professional sports as a theoretical performance enhancement. First we have to qualify a couple things: Ozone is bad to breath.  Nobody argues about this.  It’s been shown [...]

2409, 2019

What I Know About Ozone Oil

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At a glance: The drastic increase of skin disease, perpetuated by inappropriate healthcare programs, leave 1.5 billion people affected by skin and mucosal infections. Ozone oils may be effective for a multitude of skin issues because it's a strong antiseptic and stimulates the body's healing processes Ozone creams are manufactured to a scientific standard and are better than ozone oil Over the past few decades we have seen a drastic increase in skin infections. The standard healthcare hasn't done a good job of eliminating these skin issues. The issues range from bacteria, viruses, protozoa, and diabetes. Although these are not usually deadly... They pose a MAJOR problem because the standard care is expensive and not very effective. The use of ozone oil is said to "appear providential" because of how it works with these skin issues. Do ozone oils really work with over 50 issues? That was the same question I had [...]

1602, 2019

Why Isn’t Ozone Therapy FDA Approved?

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Why Is Ozone Therapy CE Approved But Not FDA Approved? You won’t find ozone therapy offered in the majority of doctor’s offices and medical clinics across the United States. Nor is it advertised on TV or any mainstream sources as beneficial. But if it truly does all that we and many others claim it can, shouldn’t it be touted as the answer to so many issues? Probably. But here’s why it’s not right now… Although ozone has been in use for medical purposes since World War I, it still hasn’t gained the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States. Currently it is CE approved only. What Does It Mean To Be CE Approved? CE stands for the French “Conformité Européenne”, which translates to “European Conformity”. CE is the FDA’s European counterpart, and sets the standard for health, safety, and environmental protection in Europe. Any products bearing [...]

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