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External Ozone Therapy for Sinusitis

In cases of sinusitis, therapy with and ozone/oxygen mixture is performed in the following way.

The nasal cavity is washed with distilled water or saline solution by using a syringe.

Next, two 10 ml syringes are filled with ozone/oxygen mixture, ozone concentration being 10 mg/l.

The patient is asked to inhale deeply and hold it so that the gas mixture does not get into respiratory ducts.

Then ozone/oxygen mixture from two syringes is intensively pushed through the nostrils (as shown in the picture) and the patient quickly closes the nostrils with their fingers for 10 seconds.

They then exhale through the nose and the mouth. The number of daily procedures can be 5 to 10.

It is advisable to teach your patients to inhale and exhale correctly and have a few training procedures without the ozone/oxygen mixture before beginning the actual treatment procedures.