How To Make Ozone Water

Equipment Setup and Procedure

How To Make Ozone Water

Using The Stratus 3.0

Quick Guide For Making Ozone Water

Duration: 12 minutes per 8 oz. of water

Flow Rate: 1/4LPM (Setting 5 for Ozone+ Regulator)

Frequency: As needed up to daily

Basic Ozone Equipment Set Up:

  1. Prepare ozone generator, oxygen tank, and oxygen regulator (refer to Section 1).
  2. Place the flask next to the ozone generator on level surface.
  3. Fill the flask with water, 12 ounces is typical.
  4. Insert glass stem into flask
  5. On the stem, connect tubing labeled “To Generator” to the top of the ozone generator.
  6. On the stem, connect tubing labeled “To Accessory” to the ozone destruct

Making Ozone Water

  1. Turn the ozone generator on
  2. Open the valve of your oxygen tank by rotating counterclockwise
  3. Turn regulator knob to 1/4 LPM (Setting 5 for the Stratus 3.0 and Ozone+ Regulator)
  4. Let run for 18 minutes. (12 minutes per 8 ounces for fully saturated ozone water)
  5. Either drink or use the water as a topical wash

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