How To Perform Ozone Cupping

What You Need To Know For Safe And Effective Therapy

Quick Guide To Ozone Cupping

Oxygen flow: 1/8 LPM

Ozone concentration: 40-90 gamma

Duration: 10 minutes

Frequency: Daily or as needed

Ozone Cupping Instructions

  1. Prepare ozone generator, oxygen tank, and oxygen regulator (refer to Section 1).
  2. Connect tubing from cup to top of ozone generator
  3. Turn ozone generator on
  4. Use warm wet towel, apply to location to be used
  5. Place cup on skin
  6. Turn regulator to 1/16LPM (Setting 9 for Stratus 3.0 or Ozone+ regulator)
  7. Keep location damp with towel
  8. Operate for 4-7 minutes
  9. Turn regulator to 0
  10. Turn ozone generator off

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