The Quick Guide To Ozone Ear Insufflation

What You Need To Know For Safe And Effective Treatment

How To Perform Ear Insufflation

Ear Insufflation With The Stratus 3.0

Ear Insufflation Quick Guide

Duration: 4-6 minutes

Flow Rate: 1/4 LPM (Setting 5 for Ozone+ Regulator)

Frequency: As needed, up to daily

Ear Insufflation Instructions

  1. Turn the ozone generator on
  2. Open the valve of your oxygen tank by rotating counterclockwise
  3. Disconnect ozone destruct if connected
  4. Connect stethoscope to tubing labeled “To Accessory”
  5. Place stethoscope in ears
  6. Turn regulator knob to 1/4 LPM (Setting 5 for the Stratus 3.0 and Ozone+ Regulator)
  7. Let run for 4-6 minutes
    1. Tingling, warmth, watering eyes, slight pressure, and ozone smell are normal. If you feel uncomfortable or pain, discontinue.
    2. If you feel the ozone smell is too strong discontinue or place fan to blow over face.
  8. Turn regulator to 0
  9. Turn ozone generator off

You can read more about Ozone Ear Insufflation Here and learn about its uses and benefits.

Ozone Humidifier vs. No Humidifier

Using a humidifier is better because it will make the ozone less irritating and make the therapy more effective.  Ozone is a very dry gas, so it can cause irritation and itching through regular use.  The ozone humidifier will help with this.

It also humidifies the ozone so that it sicks to the ear canal better.

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