Ozone Resources: Tutorials, Protocols And Testimonials

Supplementary Research, Tools And Guidance To Understand And Use Ozone Therapy

Additional Information Supporting the Safe Use of Ozone Treatment

At DrsOzone, we are committed to providing the best and most up to date information regarding ozone and its use in treatment. The following resources are provided to guide you in using ozone generators correctly and to develop a deeper understanding of how ozone works.

Ozone Protocols

Application of Ozone including rectal insufflation, making ozone water, ozone cupping and limb bagging

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Ozone Equipment

An overview of the equipment necessary to perform ozone therapy in a medical office or in your home

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Ozone FAQs

These are the most frequently asked questions about the use and safety of ozone therapy, equipment and health

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Ozone Research

The science, data and research behind ozone therapy, studies and history of how it has been used

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Ozone Testimonials

Patient testimonials on their use of ozone therapy and the benefits that they have achieved through use

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Video Tutorials And More

Videos: ozone therapy tutorials, comments by doctors and medical practitioners, patient testimonies

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Professional Ozone Training

Training for medical practitioners seeking education on the application and use of ozone therapy

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