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Medical Ozone History

The Short Story of Ozone Therapy

  • Used medically since the early 1900s. Germany was in the forefront for its use and development.
  • Suppressed in the US and other countries as pharmaceuticals took over the power position of medical care. From 1976 up to today, the FDA says: “Ozone is a toxic gas with no known medical use.”
  • Germany has continued in the development of ozone generators and medical use.
  • Over the last 20 years almost 30 countries have established medical ozone organizations that serve to help educate physicians and standardize practices.
  • Ten major books and more than 1,700 studies have been produced in the past few decades.


Chronology of Medical Ozone

1840: Ozone first discovered by German-Swiss Chemist Christian Friedrich Shoenbein, University of Basil, Switzerland.

1885: Florida Medical Association published “Ozone” by Charles J. Kenworthy, MD, MRSV from Jacksonville, FL.

1896: September 22, Inventor Nikola Tesla patented the first ozone generator in the United States.

1898: Institute for Oxygen Therapy Healing started in Berlin by Thauerkauf and Luth. First injection of ozone into animals.

1899: Ozone first commercially used for disinfection in a municipality in France.

1898: Dr. Benedict Lust from Germany, practicing in New York, was the originator and founder of Naturopathy, and wrote many books and articles on ozone.

1900: Nikola Tesla formed the “Tesla Ozone Company,” and began marketing ozonated olive oil. This was the first company to use high voltage, high frequency, low amperage AC systems and was granted many ozone patents.

1902: J.H. Clarke’s “A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica” described the successful medical use of “Oxygenium” (ozonated water) in treating anemia, cough, cancer, diabetes, influenza, morphine poisoning, canker sores, strychnine poisoning, and whooping-cough.

1902: Charles O. Linder, MD was featured in “Centennial” magazine for injecting medical ozone and using state-of-the-art ozone equipment in his Spokane, WA medical practice.

1904: The book, “The Medical uses of Hydrozone (ozonated water) and Glycozone (ozonated olive oil)” by New York chemist Charles March is published.

1910 (+/-): Tesla’s “Violet Ray” ozone producing device was commonly sold all over the United States under many brand names and configurations, and was even featured in the Sears catalog. Many devices had provisions for therapeutic breathing of strong concentrations of ozone after bubbling it through certain organic essential oils.

1911: Noble M. Eberhart, MD, PhD, DCL published, “A Working Manual of High Frequency Currents,” Chapter 9 Ozone; Nature; Physiological Action; Methods of Administration; Diseases, in which it is indicated that he used ozone in treating tuberculosis, anemia and chlorosis, chronic middle-ear deafness and tinnitus, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis and hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, nervous disability, diabetes, and gout.

1913: The Eastern American Association for Oxygen Therapy is formed by Dr. Blass and German associates.

1920: Charles Neiswanger, MD, President of the Chicago Hospital College of Medicine published “Electro Therapeutical Practice.” Chapter 32 was entitled “Ozone as a Therapeutic Agent.”

1929: The book titled, “Ozone and Its Therapeutic Action” was published in the United States, listing 114 diseases and how to treat them with ozone. Among its 40 authors were the heads of leading American hospitals.

1930: Swiss dentist, Dr. E. A. Fisch used ozone in dentistry and wrote many papers on it.

1931: Dr. Otto Warburg wins first the Nobel Prize for work proving cancer is caused by a lack of oxygen in the cells. He stated in “The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer” that the cause of cancer is no longer a mystery, we know it occurs whenever any cell is denied 60% of its oxygen requirements. This occurs through a buildup of pollution or toxicity within and around the cell which blocks and then damages the cellular oxygen respiration mechanism.

1932: Austrian surgeon Dr. Erwin Payr learns of medical ozone through a treatment by dentist E. A. Fisch. Payr goes on to use ozone in his medical practice, increasing its acceptability in surgery and publishing a 290-page book titled, “On Treatment with Ozone in Surgery.”

1933: The American Medical Association (AMA), headed by Morris Fishbein, set out to eliminate all medical treatments that were competitive with drug therapy. The suppression of ozone therapy in the United States thus began and continues to this day, except in 14 states where doctors are protected by state laws. At the behest of the AMA, the FDA began seizing generators in the 1940s.

1935: M. Sourdeau published a paper on “Ozone in Therapy” in France.

1938: French physicians Dr. Aubourg and Dr. Lacoste used ozone insufflation from 1934-1938. Dr. Aubourg wrote “Medical Ozone: Production, Dosage and Methods of Clinical Application” in 1938. He administered ozone rectally, vaginally, injected into wounds, and by breathing. In 8,000 applications, there were no harmful side effects.

1940s: German Dr. Hans Wolff wrote the book “Medical Ozone.”

1942: “Gordon Detoxification and Hydro Surgery: Theory and Practice” was published covering the medical uses of ozone as a colon cleanser.

During World War II, pediatrician Dr. Robert Mayer learned of ozone therapy from German prisoners of war at Ellis Island, and used ozone in his practice for the next 45 years treating more than 12,000 patients.

1944: Dr. Otto Warburg wins a second Nobel Prize for his work linking cancer to damaged cell respiration due to a lack of oxygen at the cellular level.

1948: Dr. William Turska of Oregon began using an ozone machine of his own design (Aethozone – ozone passed through selected oils).

1951: Dr. Turska wrote the article “Oxidation,” which was published in the Journal of the American Naturopathic Association.

1953: German Dr. Hans Wolff opened an ozone clinic after learning about ozone from Dr. Hanseler.

1954: Frank Totney published the book, “Oxygen: Master of Cancer.”

1957: Dr. J. Hansler patented an ozone generator which served as the basis of the German ozone therapy expansion over the last 40 years. Today, more than 8,000 German doctors use ozone therapy daily.

1961: The Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology stated: “During the 80-year history of the large scale usage of ozone, there has never been a human death attributed to it.”

1968: Dr. Hans Wolff introduced the techniques of major and minor autohemotherapy.

1971: Dr. Hans Wolff and Prof. Dr. Siegfried Rilling founded The German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy.

1972: The International Association for Oxygen Therapy was founded by Dr. George Freibott as the successor to the Eastern Association for Oxygen Therapy of 1913.

1977: Dr. Renate Viebahn provided an overview of ozone’s biological action.

1979: Dr. George Freibott successfully treated a Haitian AIDS patient suffering from Kaposi’s sarcoma with ozone.

1980: Dr. Horst Kief also reported success with ozone therapy for AIDS patients.

1980: F. Sweet, et. al., published “Ozone Selectively Inhibits Human Cancer Cell Growth” in the peer-reviewed journal, “Science,” Vol. 209.

1982: The German medical textbook “Medical Ozone” was published by Dr. E. Fischer Medical Publications in Heidelberg.

1983: The first International Ozone Association medical ozone conference was held in Washington, D.C. The abstracts were published in the book “Medical Applications of Ozone,” compiled and edited by Julius Laraus.

1985: Dr. Renate Viebahn published “The Biochemical Process Underlying Ozone Therapy.” Dr. Siegfried Rilling published “Basic Clinical Applications of Ozone Therapy.”

1987: Dr. Siegfried Rilling and Dr. Renate Viebahn collaborated on the publication of “The Use of Ozone in Medicine,” now the standard medical text on ozone application.

1990: The Cubans reported success in treating glaucoma, conjunctivitis and retinitis pigmentosa with ozone.

1992: The Russians reported the successful use of ozone in a brine bath to treat burns.

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