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Concentrations for Medical Ozone

1 µg/ml = 1 mg/l = 1 gamma

These concentrations may vary, as will the ozone concentration produced from pure oxygen, which can range from 1 to 100 µg/ml or gamma.  This translates to 0.05-5% ozone with ozone as the balancing factor. Most of the gas used in ozone therapy is actually oxygen, with just a small but therapeutic level of ozone.

One quick and easy way to figure out ozone calculations can be found at Ozone Solutions. For most medical applications, physicians will be concerned with the amount (cc) and concentration of the ozone at the time of treatment.

Gamma is the most commonly talked about unit of measurement in ozone therapy.  Since ozone concentration is dependent on the ozone generator (there are usually settings for the intensity of the spark), the gas being supplied (air/oxygen), and the speed of the gas being fed into the ozone generator, charts like the one below may be helpful and are supplied by the ozone generator company.