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Ozone Fun Facts

  • Ozone is 1,000 times more disinfectant than chlorine. For that reason, more than 600 cities use ozone to purify their drinking water including the City of Los Angeles, CA.
  • In 1929, the directors of some the most important hospitals in the United States published the book Ozone and ItsTherapeutic Action, which lists 114 diseases and their treatment through the application of ozone.
  • An experiment was conducted on a small flock of turkeys that was raised for six weeks in a controlled environment in which their food was ozonated, their water was ozonated and their air was constantly maintained at 0.28 – 0.30 ppm ozone – above the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) human permissible exposure limit (PEL) of 0.1 ppm. Their survival and health was notably superior to two control groups, the first of which had no ozone at all, and the second of which had their food and water ozonated but not their air. The survival rate of the first group was about 60%. The second group was about 80%. The totally ozonated group was 100% with about a 10% weight gain advantage. There are now large ozonated water drinking troughs for cattle being used.

To get rid of smoke smell….Nothing Works Better than Ozone!

Ozone machines can be a valuable tool for fire restoration. Ozone infiltrates carpet, furniture, and ventilation ducts and cracks to destroy the smoke odor. Car dealerships use this secret to get rid of smoke smell in a “smokers” car.

Ozone Saves Christmas! $16,000 worth of toys sprayed by a skunk!


As reported in Purcell, Oklahoma on Dec.14, 2010, a skunk tried to steal Christmas from the children. After getting into a storage shed, the skunk sprayed more than $16,000 worth of toys which might mean no Christmas presents for more than 800 underprivileged children. With efforts to rid the gifts of this horrible smell, workers attempted to spray them with air freshener with no success. Ultimately, ozone was used to treat the toys and at the end of the day the smell was completely gone. Needless to say, there were a lot of happy children that Christmas!