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External O3 In Ear Infections


The procedures of external O3 are effectively used in otolaryngology, being easy to perform and giving effective results.

In cases of otopyosis or fungal otitis the procedure of external 03 is done with the use of ordinary (plastic tube)  cotton swab. Before the procedure the ear canal is to be wet with a damp cotton swab.

Then the cotton swab is taken, a wet the cotton tip and inserted into the ear. A needle with 10ml syringe is inserted into another tip and ozone/oxygen mixture , ozone concentration being 5-7mg/l is  slowly introduced into the ear duct as shown in the picture.  The procedure is to be done every day up to 5-8 times.

Another method is to use a specially designed stethoscope and push the O3 in gently.  It will take more ozone as it must fill the lines up to the ear canal.

5-7 gamma use a 30cc syringe.