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Major Auto Hemo Therapy (MAHT)

Ozone in Blood – externally added ozone

This is a simple procedure:

  • Blood is taken from the patient and put into a bag or bottle.
  • A small amount of anticoagulant is added.
  • An equal amount of ozone is added to the mix.
  • The blood is returned to the patient.

There are variations to this and exact amounts of blood and ozone can vary.

Dr Gary Gordon, MD Father of Chelation gets a O3UV treatment


One new technique is O3UV where two oxidative treatments – MAHT and ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) – are performed together. O3UV involves mixing the following:

  • 60 cc of blood,
  • 60 cc of ozone in 160 cc of saline, and
  • 1,000 units of heparin.

When combined, the mixture is passed through a UBI device and then returned to the patient.

MAHT is used for a number of disorders including:

Arterial circulatory disturbancesVirus-caused diseases

Peripheral arterial circulatory disturbance

Cerebral circulatory disturbance (poststroke)

Ocular circulatory disturbances (retinopathies)

Hepatitis B and C

Herpes simplex, herpes zoster

Angiopathia General immune deficiency

Diabetic angiopathia

Complementary concept in oncology

Chronic inflammatory issues