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Major and Minor Auto Hemo Therapy

Both Major (MAHT) and Minor Auto Hemo Therapy (mAHT) act as non-specific, immune-stimulant therapies, but each has a different method of administration.

When performing MAHT, blood is drawn from the patient and put into a bag or bottle.  A small amount of anticoagulant is added, along with an equal amount of ozone. The blood is then returned to the patient through a vein. MAHT is used for a number of disorders, including chronic inflammation, diabetic angiopathy, and herpes.

The mAHT procedure is much simpler and uses less equipment. Blood (5-10 ml) is drawn into a 20 ml syringe that is pre-loaded with 5-10 ml of ozone/oxygen mixture and then intensively shaken. It is returned to the patient via an intramuscular injection.

O3UV is a newer treatment technique that utilizes two oxidative treatments: MAHT and ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI). O3UV combines 60cc of blood, 60cc of ozone in 160cc of saline, and 1,000 units of heparin.  This mixture is then passed through a UBI device and returned to the patient’s body.