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Ozone Therapy Education

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There almost 2,000 medical ozone studies available at the link below. These are divided into appropriate categories for different types of therapies, systems and disorders/illnesses.

There are also a number of books that have been written on the subject of Medical Ozone.

Additionally, there are a number of studies conducted by the Cuban Ozone Research Center.

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List of books on the subject of ozone therapy published since 2002.

The list is supplied from Ozone Therapy and Its Scientific Foundations, November 18, 2012, International Scientific Committee of Ozonetherapy (ISCO3).

  • Dr. Adriana Schwartz, M.D., Secretary, ISCO3
  • Dr. Gregorio Matínez Sánchez, PhD., PharmD. Member, ISCO3
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Oxidative stress is suggested to have an important role in the development of complications in diabetes. Because ozone therapy can activate the antioxidant system, influencing the level of glycemia and some markers of endothelial cell damage, the aim of this study was to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of ozone in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes and diabetic feet and to compare ozone with antibiotic therapy. A randomized controlled clinical trial was performed with 101 patients divided into two groups: one (n = 52) treated with ozone (local and rectal insufflation of the gas) and the other (n = 49) treated with topical and systemic antibiotics. The efficacy of the treatments was evaluated by comparing the glycemic index, the area and perimeter of the lesions and biochemical markers of oxidative stress and endothelial damage in both groups after 20 days of treatment.

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German Low dose – Application-Relevant Concentration and Dosage Ranges in Ozone Therapy


  1. Russia uses a lot of ozonated saline. There is a discussion form the Russians disputing with Dr Velio Bocci on its effective – low dose
  2. Cuba uses rectal ozone almost exclusively their doses are higher as it is assumed to take more to have a comparable effect to MAHT – they also dispute Bocci’s claims
  3. Some American Drs use higher doses of ozone – Dr Harper sheet
  4. The Internnational Declaration gives 3 levels, low , med and high as options to the extent and severity of the disorder – the range listed above is low to high

Ozonated Oils and their action

It is most interesting that ozone, an unstable gas, can be stably trapped as an ozonide between a double bond of a PUFA: dðCH2Þ7dO3dðCH2Þ7CH3. When the ozonated oil is layered over the ulcer’s exudate at the oil/water interface, the ozone moves slowly into the water and, by reacting with biomolecules, generates a steady flow of H2O2. The effects of sterilization and improved oxygenation are responsible for the accelerated cicatrization (become healed by the formation of scar tissue). In comparison to pharmaceutical creams often containing useless antibiotics and growth factors, once ozonated oil is known and used, it will be extremely beneficial to millions of patients.

From: Scientific and Medical Aspects of Ozone Therapy. State of the Art Velio Alvaro Bocci Department of Physiology, University of Siena, Siena, Italy Received for publication May 26, 2005; accepted August 26, 2005 (ARCMED-D-05-00204).

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The Best Medical News for Ozone and UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) in the last 40 years

Many have heard of the numerous studies that are available on medical ozone. Three major medical practice documents have been produced from Spain, Russia and Germany. As many as 30,000 physicians use Ozone therapy daily in over 100 countries around the world.

UBI has no less of a medical history starting in 1928. Success followed success as hospitals used this pre-antibiotic, non-drug therapy on hepatitis, sepsis, tuberculosis and a host of other disorders. See www.infectionscured.com.

Neither therapy has enjoyed full acceptance in the United States although there are an estimated 500 physicians in the US using either UBI or ozone or both.