7 Best Ozone Therapy Machines and Differences (2022)

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We use equipment from Simply O3.  

Here’s why.

Their equipment is the easiest to use

All their equipment was designed to make it easy to do ozone therapy at home.  It makes it very accessible.

Simply O3 meets criteria for medical ozone generators

The international scientific committee of ozone therapy set forward guidelines for medical ozone generators.  Simply O3 meets all the quality standards.  

They are used by Dr. Mercola, Dr. Hyman, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Dr. Rowen, Hope 4 Cancer, Riordan Clinic and more.

It comes with a bunch of free bonuses

The bonuses really raise the value.

  • Free video course on ozone therapy ($20)
  • Free protocol guide ($10)
  • Free ozone lectures from the top ozone doctors ($60)
  • Free ozone oil for skin rejuvenation and issues ($60)
  • Free ozone oil pills for stomach and gut ($50)
  • Free Iso-Alpha Nootropic for cognition enhancement and brain health ($80)
  • Free course on ozone therapy and getting the best results ($147)
  • Free ebook by Dr. Tom Levy - Rapid Virus Recover ($20)
  • Free consultation with medical professional - ($200)

They have a 6 month money back guarantee - no joke

You read that right.  Six months is a long time!  Definitely long enough to see if ozone therapy is going to work for you.  So you can try ozone therapy out for 5 months.  If you don’t like it, just send it back for a full refund.  

The equipment has a lifetime warranty

They have a lifetime warranty on the equipment.  In the case something breaks down, you don’t need to pay for getting it fixed.

At the end of the day, you should buy the company you feel the most comfortable with.  That’s the most important thing.

We feel confident in Simply O3 but that’s a conclusion you have to come to for yourself.  

Best Ozone Therapy Machine Kits for Home Users

  Home User Kit Complete Kit Prep Kit Gold Kit
Rectal Insufflation x x x x
Nasal Insufflation x x x x
Ear Insufflation - x x x
Ozone Water - x x x
Breathing Ozonides - - x x
Making Ozone Oil - - x x
Limb Bagging - - - x
Ozone Cupping - - - x

The base equipment is the same for every kit - ozone therapy machine and oxygen.  The difference between the kits is the accessories they come with.  You can always add accessories as needed.

Accessories not in a kit above but can be bought separately:

Best Ozone Therapy Machine Kits for Practitioners

These kits come with the Cumulus ozone generator which is designed for practitioners.  You can read more details about the differences between the generators here.

  Clinic Essentials Kit Clinic Complete Kit Clinic Gold Kit
Syringe Fill System x x x
Works for IVs and Injections x x x
Rectal Insufflation x x x
Nasal Insufflation x x x
Ear Insufflation - x x
Ozone Water - x x
Breathing Ozonides - - x
Making Ozone Oil - - x
Limb Bagging - - x
Ozone Cupping - - x

Best Kit for Starting with Ozone Therapy at Home - 3.0 Complete Kit

The 3.0 Complete Kit is the best ozone therapy kit for getting started with ozone therapy at home.

As you need, you are able to add other treatments. For example, you don’t need ozone limb bagging if you don’t have a skin infection on the limb.  Click here for more details on choosing what ozone therapies to do at home.

There is a video series you can see here for how to do everything.

Best Kit for Starting with Ozone Therapy in a Clinic

Stratus 3.0 vs. Cumulus

The main difference in the kits is the ozone therapy machine it comes with.  So let’s compare those.

  Stratus 3.0 - $1,549.99 Cumulus - $2,999.99
Flow Controlled x x
Dial - x
Good for all home therapies x x
Good for all clinical application - x
Comes with free bonuses mentioned above x x

Let’s breakdown what each of these elements mean

What does “Flow Controlled” and “Dial” mean?

Flow controlled means that you can change the strength of the gas by how fast the oxygen flows through it.  

Why does changing the strength matter?  Depending on the therapy you do, you may need to change the strength (aka concentration).  For example, most people start doing rectal insufflation at 20 gamma (μg/ml).  Over the course of a couple months, they may want to go up to 40 gamma.  This is a higher dose.

So you need to be able to change the strength of the gas.

There are two ways to change the strength.  First is by how fast you dispense the oxygen from the tank.  The second is with a dial that changes how much energy is being used to create the ozone.

With the Stratus 3.0 ozone therapy machine, you have 11 different strengths of ozone to choose from.  See below.

To get the ozone concentrations listed in the right column, you will turn the knob on the oxygen tank to the appropriate setting.

So what does this mean for you?

  • It works for all home ozone therapy applications because you have all the settings you need
  • It’s less expensive because you don’t need the additional features.
  • It’s easier because it requires minimal adjusting

You can see an example of setting everything up here.

The Cumulus on the other hand is controlled both by flow and the dial.

Here is an image of what the concentration chart on the Cumulus looks like.

The column on the left still shows the flow rate that is adjustable via the oxygen tank.  But now the settings 1 - 10 have been added to the top row.

What does this mean for you?

It’s ideal for clinics who are seeing a variety of patients and administering IVs or injections.  Certain protocols slowly increase the dose as the patient can tolerate it.  For example, the first knee injection might be 12 gamma.  The second is 14 gamma.  The third 16 gamma.  And so on.

To boil it down:

  • If you’re a home-user, the Stratus 3.0 will fit all your needs
  • If you a medical practitioner, the Cumulus will fit all your needs
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