What equipment do I need for ozone therapy at home

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This article is a list of equipment you need to do ozone therapy at home.

What to expect:

  • The base equipment that is required for every therapy 
  • A list of accessories required for each therapy
  • Where and how to get all the equipment required for ozone therapy
  • Links to how to do each therapy

Essentially, you will have to get a medical grade ozone generator, an oxygen tank, and a regulator for the oxygen tank.  We will walk you through what those are and how to get them.

There are four primary components to ozone therapy.  

  1. Medical grade ozone generator
  2. Oxygen Tank Regulator
  3. Accessories for the therapy
  4. Oxygen Tank

When you buy a kit, it will come with everything except the oxygen tank.  

ozone therapy equipments required for home

Base equipment required

Ozone Therapy Machine

An ozone therapy machine is required.  It transforms the oxygen gas into ozone.

This must be a medical grade ozone generator - one that creates ultra-pure ozone.  You don’t want to buy a cheap device because it does not produce a safe kind of ozone.

Click here to see our buyers guide that will walk you through how to find the best machine for you.

Or, if you’re a “just tell me where to go” type of person, follow these steps:

  1. Buy this kit with the 540 fitting
  2. Follow instructions that come with it on getting an oxygen tank
  3. Follow the protocols you receive with the kit

Oxygen Tank

An oxygen tank is required for ozone therapy because it’s composed of pure oxygen, 99.9%. 

You can’t use room air or an oxygen concentrator for any ozone therapy that goes directly into your body.  Oxygen concentrators and room air do not contain pure oxygen and could cause harm.

Click here to see details on oxygen tanks and how to get them.

Oxygen Tank Regulator

An oxygen tank regulator will come with your machine when you buy it.  

oxygen tank regulator 870 and 540
oxygen tank regulator 870 and 540

oxygen tank without regulator

An oxygen tank regulator fits onto the oxygen tank and allows oxygen gas to be dispensed from the tank. You can’t get oxygen out of the tank without one. It also allows you to change how fast the oxygen flows from the tank. Make sure to use the regulator from your ozone therapy provider.  Other regulators usually do not match up correctly.

Accessories required for each ozone therapy

Assuming you have the three primary components mentioned above (generator, oxygen, and a regulator), you will need accessories for the different therapies.

We have put together a good comparison of each therapy so you can determine which is best for you.

Rectal Ozone Therapy

Rectal ozone therapy is the best therapy at home.  It has a systemic benefit to the entire body and is commonly used for gut issues.

Accessories required:

Ozone Therapy Ear Insufflation

Ozone ear insufflation is commonly used for ear, nose, and throat infections.  Anecdotally, people claim it is helpful for lyme, mold, and brain issues.

Accessories required:

Ozone Water Therapy

Ozone water therapy is commonly used for oral, throat, skin, and stomach infections.  It is also claimed to disinfect surfaces and speed wound healing.  Anecdotally, people claim it is helpful for brain fog, digestive issues, SIBO, and more.  But that is not scientifically substantiated at this point.  A lot of times the research is behind the curve.

Accessories required:

BOO (Breathing Ozonides)

Breathing ozonides bubbled through oil is commonly used for nose, throat, and lung infections.  Ozone gas is bubbled through oil, but no ozone gas makes it to the top.  It converted into an ozonide, which does not seem to irritate the lungs.

Breathing Ozonides

  • Oil Bubbler System (lasts indefinitely)
  • Nasal Cannula (comes with oil bubbler and lasts indefinitely)

Making Ozone Oil

Making ozone oil at home is commonly used for skin issues and infections.  Dentists commonly use ozone oil in the mouth for infections and healing.

It’s typically recommended to buy professional grade ozone oil because it’s stronger and more stable.  In addition, making ozone oil at home does not end up being cost effective unless you are using massive quantities.  It requires a lot of oxygen and time.

Accessories required: 

Vaginal Ozone Therapy

Vaginal ozone therapy is commonly used for total body benefit, lymph, and vaginal issues.

Accessories required:

Ozone Sauna Therapy

Ozone sauna therapy is commonly used for skin infections.  Anecdotally, people claim it has a systemic benefit and is useful for a wide variety of issues.  This is yet to be substantiated by research.

Ozone Cupping

Ozone cupping is commonly used for topical infections, wounds, and ulcers on the torso or upper limbs.  It involves a glass “cup” which administers ozone gas to the affected area over 10 - 20 minutes. 

Accessories required:

Ozone Limb Bagging

Ozone limb bagging is commonly used for topical infections, wounds, and ulcers on the lower limbs.  It involves a bag that goes around the limb and allows ozone gas to flow over the affected area for 10 - 20 minutes.

Next Steps:

  1. Download our guide to ozone therapy
  2. Buy this kit
  3. Get an oxygen tank (follow instructions in kit)
  4. Follow the protocols you get with the kit and enjoy the benefits of ozone!
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