Ozone Blood Therapy: Scary Name, Crazy Benefits

Ozone Blood Therapy: Scary Name, Crazy Benefits

Let’s face it. The words blood, ozone, and therapy don’t really seem to fit together. So why would anybody combine them and make the claim that ozone blood therapy can actually be, well, therapeutic?

Here’s the thing. Ozone gets a bad rap. You can blame that on smog. Ground-level ozone is one of the main ingredients of smog, and inhaling it can irritate your lungs.

But when pure medical grade ozone is administered correctly, it has the potential to make your body function at its highest level. How?

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What is ozone blood therapy? 

Simply put, ozone blood therapy is the process of a medical practitioner taking some of your blood, enriching it with an oxygen/ozone mixture, then cycling that ozonated blood back into your bloodstream. When it’s administered via your bloodstream, medical ozone has the potential to help your body use oxygen to its fullest extent. Read on to discover how.


The oxygen we need to survive is made of two oxygen atoms (O2). Ozone is made of three oxygen atoms (O3). So when medical ozone interacts with different fluids in your body (such as blood), that third oxygen atom hitches a ride on other molecules (oxygenation).

Oxygen is the thing we humans need most. You can go days without eating, hours without drinking, but only minutes without breathing. The more your body has of oxygen, the better it will function.

But you should never inhale ozone. That’s where ozone therapy comes into play by introducing pure ozone into your body in the safest way possible.


Ozone therapy interacts with your body (but not your lungs) to optimize your body’s natural functions and help you operate at your highest level.

Correctly administered ozone therapy can:

  • Increase oxygen efficiency
  • Balance the immune system
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Decrease pain
  • Increase energy and sense of wellbeing


Ozone therapy falls into two basic categories: Local and Systemic.

Local ozone therapy treats a specific part of the body, like ozone limb bagging for your arm, leg, hand or foot. Or ozone cupping for a small wound on the skin. Swishing ozone water may also treat sores and cavitations in the mouth. There are dozens of ways to do local ozone therapy treatments, and most can be done at home with the right equipment and proper training.

Systemic ozone therapy treatments may benefit your entire body by stimulating fundamental processes in the body. Systemic ozone therapy treatments would include rectal insufflation (yep) and ozone blood therapy.

While rectal insufflation can be administered at home with proper training and equipment, ozone blood therapy should only be done in a clinic by a skilled practitioner. This is because ozone blood therapy requires an IV.

It’s super effective, but may not be right for everybody.


Check out any medication commercial or package and you’ll find an outrageously long list of side effects. But not here. That’s because ozone blood therapy (and ozone therapy in general) is not a drug. It doesn’t force your body to do anything, but rather encourages and normalizes the systems and processes your body already has in place.

That being said, there are some instances where IV ozone blood therapy may not interact with your body in a beneficial way. The majority of patients only complain of a mild burning sensation around the area where the needle is inserted, but there are rare instances of a stronger reaction.

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With so many ways to do ozone therapy, wouldn’t it make sense to opt for the least invasive?

Not necessarily. Here’s why.

When you ingest food, drink or medication, those nutrients have to make it through your digestive tract before they can enter your bloodstream and benefit your body. That takes time, and by the time those nutrients do make it to your bloodstream they’re far less potent than they were to start.

That’s why you don’t get a handful of pills and a cup of water in the ER. IV ozone therapy (autohemotherapy) takes some of your blood, enriches it with ozone, and cycles that ozonated blood directly back into your bloodstream.

That ozonated blood then delivers oxygen-rich nutrients to every part of your body. The benefits of IV ozone therapy are enjoyed by biohackers, people disenchanted with conventional medicine, and even some professional sports players.


We can’t tell you if ozone blood therapy is right for you. We’re not here to offer medical advice. That’s what your doctor is for.

We’re here to provide you with as much education as possible about this amazing therapy that has benefited thousands of people around the globe. You may be one of those people.

Click Here to Download the Guide to Ozone Therapy.