Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Therapy

Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, and Procedure
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At a glance:

  • Vaginal ozone therapy is the application of medical grade ozone/oxygen for a variety of vaginal issues, infections, and systemic chronic diseases (such as lyme and mold toxicity)
  • Evidence shows a subsiding of symptoms related to infections, an increase in energy, a decrease in brain fog, and retaining a healthy vaginal flora with vaginal ozone therapy.
  • Vaginal ozone therapy has been demonstrated to have a stronger effect at eliminating infections than antibiotics and if necessary can be taken alongside antibiotics.
  • The safety record of ozone therapy has been recorded at a lower adverse event rate than aspirin
  • The equipment and procedure can be done at home or a clinic.  Ozone oil suppositories can be used as an alternative for simple issues relating to the vagina.

What is vaginal ozone therapy?

Vaginal ozone therapy is the application of medical grade ozone/oxygen gas in the vagina in small quantities.

It is a simple procedure that is commonly done at home or in a natural health clinic.  It uses a medical ozone therapy machine, which is hooked up to an oxygen tank.

Ozone therapy has a long safety record, exceeding that of aspirin.  

What is vaginal ozone insufflation used for?

According to the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy, these are situations where vaginal ozone therapy may be considered: 

  • Acute and chronic colpitis
  • Endo- and exocervicitis, regardless of their etiology
  • Bacterial infections
  • Vaginosis
  • Papilloma virus
  • Vaginitis
  • Endometritis
  • Vaginal candidiasis
  • Infertility

In the case of candida albicans causing vaginitis, a study found

“Patients (150) were selected … with vulvo-vaginitis for at least 6 months of evolution, refractory to usual drug treatment and positive cultures for candidiasis. … daily intravaginal ozone insufflations (10 sessions), … application of ozonized oil … Results: 85% of patients favourably responded to treatment, 10% remained asymptomatic for a period of less than one year and 5% of patients did not respond to treatment.”

In this study, they used a regimen including vaginal ozone therapy and ozone oil which remediated vaginitis caused by candida albicans.

According to Dr. Mandy LaGreca, these are situations where vaginal ozone therapy is merited:

  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Mold toxicity
  • Chronic diseases
  • Lyme disease
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Vaginal infections

Vaginal Ozone Therapy is a Systemic Therapy

Vaginal ozone therapy is known as a systemic treatment, which means it is beneficial to the entire body, not just the vaginal system.  


There is a broad range of clinical experiences with vaginal ozone therapy that are not covered here.  Which begs the question, why would doctors use vaginal ozone therapy for many different things?

Infections are obvious because ozone is a strong antiseptic.  But what about issues outside of that?
It comes down to a simple idea - ozone therapy stimulates the body to balance and heal, therefore it puts the body into a healthier state to fight disease.

We have an article that details in more depth how ozone therapy works with the body.  For now, we will cover the basics: eliminates infections, stimulates blood flow and detox, improves oxygen efficiency, and immune modulation.

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How ozone therapy works

Simply put, ozone therapy is an oxidative stress that stimulates the body toward homeostasis, or total body balance.  It is considered a hormetic therapy, which means it stimulates a small amount of stress and the body builds back stronger.  Other examples of hormetic therapies include exercise, sauna, or ice baths. 

More specifically, ozone therapy stimulates the NrF2 pathway which is a pathway that restores homeostasis and health of the body.  

Dr. Velio Bocci, the father of ozone therapy, wrote: “The activation of Nrf2 by several different mechanisms (ozonetherapy, physical exercise, calorie restriction) can be a way to improve life health.​”

Eliminates infections (without eliminating the healthy biome)

Ozone is a powerful antiseptic that kills off bad bacteria which is why it works so well with infections in the vagina.

Ozone therapy in the treatment of recurrent vulvo-vaginitis by Candida albicans

“Intravaginal ozone therapy, offers an effective alternative to conventional treatment with usual fungicides, not only achieved a remission of symptoms and negative cultures of vaginal exudates in patients with vulvo-vaginitis, but also… serves to restore the body's own defense abilities by stimulating the normalization of vaginal mucosa local immunity. Without producing a disturbing effect on the saprophytes.”

This study essentially eliminated 85% of vaginitis in patients with the combination of vaginal ozone therapy and ozone oil.

This is also why it’s a great adjunctive for lyme disease and mold toxicity.

Another study compared vaginal ozone therapy to the use of antibiotics.  They wrote, 

“Results have shown that ozone (40 µg/L) can efficiently deactivate the growth of Streptococcus Group B more than Ampicillin (AMP), Cotrimoxazole (SXT), Erythromycin (E), Gentamycin (GN), Ofloxacin (OFX), Peflloxacine (PEF), Tetracycline (TE), Trimethoprim (W).”

Their conclusion was that ozone therapy appeared to have a higher success rate than the use of antibiotics.

Improves oxygen efficiency

Oxygen efficiency is your body’s ability to convert oxygen into energy, known as metabolism.

As you age or face a health issue, oxygen efficiency deteriorates.  It is so important that Dr. Frank Shallenberger directly correlates oxygen efficiency with overall health.

The reason is because oxygen efficiency is tied to the health of your mitochondria, the cells that make energy.  It’s quite simple, reduced oxygen efficiency = less energy production.

Dr. Velio Bocci adds to the conversation of ozone therapy and oxygen efficiency by writing,

“It must be added that ozonated erythrocytes show an improved glycolysis with an increase of ATP… Extensive data have been reported in reviews and two books. It is now clear that a “physiological” ozone dose… triggers an acute and precisely calculated oxidative stress able to activate several biological processes…”

In short, the mitochondria responsible for making energy deteriorate with age and sickness because of reduced oxygen efficiency.  Ozone therapy scientists have found that ozone therapy reverses this process and keeps people healthier for longer, with more energy.

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Immune Modulation

Many people focus on boosting the immune system.  However, what they really want is immune modulation.

What is immune modulation?  

It is when you’re immune system is functioning appropriately - getting rid of the bad guys while not attacking the body.

An autoimmune disorder is when the immune system begins to attack the body.  On the other side, lyme disease, mold toxicity, and other present infections are when the body is not capable of removing the infection.

A well balanced immune system is the key to retaining health.

Ozone therapy helps modulate the immune system and bring it into balance.  

This study writes about ozone therapy, 

“O3 therapy can alter the natural history of several disease and disorders, with potentially many more yet untested. A plethora of laboratory studies have provided evidence of O3's antioxidant capabilities, as well as vascular, hematological, and immune system modulations.”

patient arm and leg - before and after

(an example of an autoimmune condition after ozone therapy)

Stimulates blood flow and detox

Ozone therapy is well known to increase microcirculation, which is the ability of your blood to flow throughout the body.

It sounds rather inconsequential, improved blood flow.  However, it has large ramifications.

What is the difference between this and aspirin?

Well, ozone therapy is not a blood thinner.  It is merely stimulating your body’s own ability to improve blood flow - so it is a natural treatment in that respect.  This is called “endogenous” meaning it comes from your own body and is the ideal form of therapy.  

If you’re own body is more capable of managing itself, it is more capable of fighting disease.  This is the idea of improving your body’s terrain rather.

Microcirculation, aka blood flow, is important for blood getting to needed areas and getting rid of toxicity while giving it needed nutrients.

(A live blood analysis for ozone therapy)

Side Effects

Since the ozone causes dryness of the vaginal epithelium, it is advised to lubricate the vagina right after the procedure with any vaginal lubricator. No systematic side effect is reported. Only light local side effects can be observed - discomfort on speculum withdrawal. A carbon mask is advised during the therapy to avoid breathing ozone.  The carbon turns ozone back into oxygen.

Prolongation of the procedure at higher rates of the flow and concentration of ozone can lead to dryness of the vaginal walls, suppression of the saprophytic flora and induce local oxidative stress.

Patients may experience during treatment pathologic discharge (infections that are coming out), unpleasant odor, itch, hyperemia, discomfort and dyspareunia - decrease or completely disappear.

Discharge can happen but it’s due to elimination of pathogens.

Effects of vaginal ozone therapy on the vaginal biome

Some people use Lactobacillus vaginal tablets in combination with vaginal ozone therapy to help the vaginal biome restore quicker.  There may be a connection between vaginal flora and recurrent UTI’s, so you want to make sure it’s healthy.

However, it does not appear necessary to repopulate the vaginal flora after ozone therapy.  A study of 40 women showed normal and healthy vaginal biomes after repeated ozone therapies.

In the study they write, 

“By evaluating the proportion and type of Lactobacillus, the dominant flora in the vagina of healthy women, and vaginal microecology before and after ozonated water lavage, we have confirmed that ozonated water lavage has no obvious side effects on intravaginal microecology and Lactobacillus. As far as we know, there are no reports on the effects of ozone water on Lactobacillus and vaginal microecology so far. The results of this study can be seen as extremely important evidence that ozonated water to treat vaginitis has a minor side effect on vaginal microecology and Lactobacillus… Ozonated water is a new treatment for vaginitis, which not only kills pathogens but also protects Lactobacillus and vaginal microecology from disorders.”

It certainly does not hurt to supplement with tablets for the vaginal biome, but does not seem to be necessary according to the research.

Contraindications (when not to do it)

According to the International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy, these are reasons to avoid vaginal ozone therapy.

Absolute contraindications (always avoided)

  • Virginity 
  • Bleeding from the vagina and/or the cervix
  • External huge genital condyloma or anatomical abnormalities, preventing insertion of a speculum into vagina.
  • Pregnancy in the first 3 months (For clinical and/or legal reasons)

Relative contraindications (up to practitioner discretion)

  • Acute myocardial infarction
  • Uncompensated toxic hyperthyroidism - Basedow Graves status
  • Thrombocytopenia less than 50.000 and serious coagulation disorders
  • Severe cardiovascular instability
  • Acute alcohol intoxication
  • Massive and acute hemorrhage
  • During convulsive states
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Patients receiving treatment with copper or iron

Use with drugs

According to the international Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy, ozone therapy doesn't exclude the use of the antibacterial, antifungal or antiviral drugs.  They can be done together if you and your doctor choose to.

Vaginal Ozone Oil Suppositories

If you’re not facing something difficult to eradicate and don’t want to get all the equipment, you can give ozone oil suppositories a try.  Although not as potent, they still have antiseptic properties and stimulate growth factor to speed healing.

You can find a vaginal ozone oil suppository here.

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How to Do Vaginal Ozone Therapy

Equipment Required


This is for educational purposes only.  Consult with your medical practitioner before attempting any ozone therapy.

If a regimen includes rectal or IV ozone therapy, they are typically not done on the same day.

Basic Information

  • Ozone concentration ranges from 10-30+ ug/ml (gamma)
  • Duration is 1 - 6 minutes
  • Flow rate is ¼ - 1/16 LPM (setting 4 - 7 on the Stratus 3.0)
  • Frequency depends on which protocol you use below

Protocol for vaginal insufflation

Low and Slow Approach

  • Start off with 10 gamma for 5 minutes 2-3 times a week (either connected to the
  • generator or using a 400ml bag)
  • After 1 week, patient can move up to 5 more gamma for 5 mins 1-2 times a week
  • Final dosage is typically around 30 gamma and for 15 mins 2-3 times a week
  • Patient can then titrate up to a max of 50 gamma 

Aggressive Approach

  • Start off with 25 gamma for 5 minutes 5 times a week
  • After the 1st week, work up in strength/gamma by 5 gamma every week until you reach 30 gamma. 5 minutes 3-5 times a week
  • Once you reach 30 gamma, you can increase by 1 minute every week until you
  • reach 10 minutes 3-5 times a week
  • If a different protocol is desired by your Medical Practitioner, follow their advice.
  • see below for adverse reactions and things to look out for

Precautions/Things to lookout for

  • If there is cramping, bloating, gas or experiences reasonable discomfort, decrease the dosage and frequency to a tolerable level.
  • Vaginal insufflation can emit more ozone into the air compared to other therapies. Make sure you take precautions to not breathe ozone. Use in a well ventilated space and use a fan to move the ozone away from your face.  Or you can buy a carbon based mask here.
  • It is advised the use of a lubricant gel after the ozonization due to dryness effect of the ozone in the mucosa.
  •  A Herxheimer reaction is possible after vaginal ozone treatment. This is noticeable when someone has excessive fatigue, rash, and/or fever/chills.
  • If this happens discontinue ozone treatment until herx symptoms subside and allow your system to reset. Then start again at half gamma and time (or volume) as previously administered.
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