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Comparing Machines

We have three machines on here that we recommend. Depending on what you want to do, you will fall into one of the three categories.

On one side, you have the Stratus 2.0. This machine is the most basic of the three and offers the rugged functionality to get the job done. It’s a pure, long lasting ozone generator designed for ease of use and simplicity.

On the other side you have the Cumulus. This machine has the most functionality of the three and is comparable to any ozone generator of it’s type out there. It will allow you to do any ozone therapy you want. It’s designed for functionality and power.

In the middle is the Stratus 3.0. The biggest crowd pleaser of them all. This machine splits the two down the middle while offering more functionality than the Stratus 2.0 but the same ease of use. It doesn’t have the power and versatility of the Cumulus but it does have a broad brushstroke of options. This machine is good for anyone looking to do ozone therapy at home and about 50% of practitioners.

To keep it short.

If you’re a medical practitioner, get the Cumulus ozone generator. It will allow you to do all that you need.
If you’re a home user, get the Stratus 3.0 unless you really need to save that extra $75 (the home user kit between the 2.0 and 3.0 is only $75 in difference right now. They have a sale going on but I’m not sure how much longer it will last)

Stratus 2.0

  • Ideal for those on a budget
  • Does the basics
  • Fewer Concentrations = Fewer Choices
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Stratus 3.0

  • Ideal for home-users and some doctors
  • Built in Ozone Destruct
  • More therapies can be done with this option
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  • Ideal for medical practitioners
  • Built in Ozone Destruct
  • More therapies can be done with this option
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Take this short survey to find out!