How To Perform Rectal Ozone Insufflation

What You Need To Know For Safe And Effective Therapy

Performing Rectal Ozone Therapy At Home

Ozone Insufflation With The Stratus 3.0

Quick Guide To Rectal Insufflation

Volume: 200-400mL

Ozone Concentration: 20-40 gamma (ug/ml)

Frequency: Every day for 3 weeks, 1 week off, repeat.

Frequency For General Health: 2-3x week

Rectal Insufflation Instructions

  1. Prepare ozone generator, oxygen tank, and oxygen regulator (refer to Section 1).
  2. Attach either ozone bag to the top of the ozone generator
  3. Turn the ozone generator on
  4. Turn regulator knob to 1/4 LPM (Setting 8 for the Stratus 3.0 and Ozone+ Regulator)
  5. Fill bag to 200mL
  6. For 3-chambered ozone bag, pinch your fingers where you see this logo to fill to 200mL
    1. For 200mL bag, fill the bag until slightly rigid
  7. Turn regulator knob to “0”
  8. Slide clamp over ozone bag’s tubing
  9. Remove bag from ozone generator
  10. Connect catheter to bag by screwing on
  11. Stand or lay comfortably with bag and catheter in hand
  12. Insert catheter 3” into rectum
  13. Unclamp the bag
  14. Roll down or squeeze the bag until all the gas is gone
  15. Remove catheter
  16. Hold gas for 20 seconds
  17. You are finished!

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