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$225 Million in Ozone Research
The Vasogen Story

New studies show that Ozone/UBI significantly impacts:

  • Graft vs. Host Disease

  • Many forms of inflammation

  • Growth Factor TGF-B1

  • Vasospastic Disorders

  • Endothelin Related Disorders

  • Traumatic Pain Disorders (RSD)

  • Preconditioning Stress

  • Blood Brain Barrier Modulation

  • CLL- Chronic Lymphomic Leukemia

  • Blood Platelet Inhibition

  • Autoimmune Diseases

  • Vasodilation (up-regulates NO)

  • Athlerosclerosis

  • Chronic Heart Failure

We have compiled these studies and are making them available to you.

A Canadian biotech firm Vasogen, started using ozone and UV light on blood in the 1990s. They also added heat as a stressor but a couple of the studies showed that it was not helpful. Vasogen was able to raise investor capital in excess of $ 225 million (this may be a low figure). They accumulated over 24 patents, published numerous studies and left for us an impressive stack of over 60 studies accomplished over the last 15 years. Scores of physicians from prestigious centers such as Sinai Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, Baylor University, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec, and over 170 other heart clinics participated in the studies. They validate O3UV as a substantial medical therapy.

Unfortunately for Vasogen investors their Phase III FDA trials failed. They conducted a 2,414 patient study on NYHA Class II thru IV chronic heart failure (CHF) patient. They administered a total of 8 treatments per patient with only 10cc of blood they returned it as an IM gluteal injection. In the end, the study results did not show statistical significance. The stock tumbled from over $ 16 to less than $ .25/share. In Class II CHF patients the therapy it reduced deaths and hospitalizations by 39%. This was still not enough to see the company recover.

O3UV may not be perfect for CHF but Vasogen’s 60 plus patent studies are invaluable. These studies gave proof to the medical ecacy and action of O3UV. The Ozone and Ultraviolet Light therapy that is commonly used in the US has significant dierences from Vasogen’s procedure. The similarities allow us to carefully but confidently accept their work as a major piece in understanding and validating O3UV.