Ozone Therapy Testimonies

Stories of lives that have been changed by ozone therapy.

Ozone Therapy Testimonials

Patients Share Their Stories About How Ozone Therapy Has Changed Their Lives

Videos And Testimonials From Patients Around The World

Many people around the planet have chosen Ozone Therapy as part of their maintenance and recovery plans from many types of illnesses, diseases and other conditions.

They have shared these testimonials to promote the benefits they experienced and the successes they’ve had in improving their lives. Learn more about Ozone Therapy.

VIDEO: Amber | Stroke Recovery With Ozone Therapy

Amber added ozone therapy to her recovery plan following a massive stroke. Hear her story and her successes.

VIDEO: Doreen | Lyme Disease Treatment With Ozone Therapy

Doreen was bedridden with Lyme Disease before ozone therapy. Hear how she benefited from the use of ozone.

Carl | Joint Pain

I initially came to the Clinic for aches and pains associated with my chosen profession,  a professional rodeo cowboy. I had both my knees treated and I saw IMMEDIATE relief.

That was last summer, and I haven’t had any pain after traveling, during or after competing, and other rugged circumstances.

Dean| Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Yeast

The ozone machine has helped heal and cleanse my gut from IBS and yeast overgrowth symptoms like nothing else I’ve encountered. I’m grateful for the travel size machine as it has enabled me to travel to Europe this summer, which would not be possible without my ozone treatments!

Diane | Hip Pain

My left hip had regular pain on the top and bottom of the pelvic bone which seemed to connect with pain behind my left knee.

I would constantly be rubbing behind my left knee especially after sitting for more than 30 minutes.

After 3 treatments of Ozone therapy in the joint, first the “bottom of the bone” pain went away, then about 50% of the “top of the bone” pain, but with the third treatment the top got better (probably 70% better) and the behind the knee pain has gone completely!

Plus, with two further shots, my incontinence improved at least 50% and we weren’t even thinking about that!

Deb | Mold Toxicity

Deb recovered from mold toxicity and resumed normal life

My journey began 7 years ago.  I was experiencing severe hair loss, hormone fluctuations, slow thyroid, neuropathy, acid reflux, severe digestive issues, low vitamin levels and extreme fatigue, the list went on and on.

After about 30 doctors and probably over $30,000 in doctor bills and supplements, only 1 doctor discovered that I had a bio-toxin illness brought on from breathing black mold.  The problem was he didn’t have enough experience to treat me.

… I was there for 5 weeks and out of everything I obviously felt the ozone was the main thing that cured me.

Joanna | Lyme Disease

After over 8 years, I am finally feeling Terrific!! Both, the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic said there was nothing wrong. I knew there was…

Finally being diagnosed with Lyme and treated with ozone IV therapy has been a true Blessing! …

It’s been a miracle! A gift to have renewed life again!

Matt | Osteoarthritis & Infection

After years of pain from osteoarthritis, I finally feel relief.

A few months before a major neck surgery, I experienced a terrible infection. I was treated with strong antibiotics which seemed to knock it out. I had the surgery, which was completely successful, but my recovery was long and painful. 

A year and a few months later, I lost all of my energy, memory and could not get out of bed. No one could diagnose my condition. I came to the alternative health clinic and was diagnosed with intestinal E.coli and low white blood cell count.

Ozone therapy, along with some IV supplements, has healed me.

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