How To Perform Vaginal Insufflation

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How To Perform Vaginal Insufflation

Quick Guide To Vaginal Ozone Insufflation

Duration: 10 minutes

Flow Rate: 1/8LPM

Frequency: 2-3 time per week or as needed

Vaginal Insufflation Instructions

  1. Prepare ozone generator, oxygen tank, and oxygen regulator (refer to Section 1).
  2. Place ozone generator set up next to you in a comfortable position
  3. Take silicone tubing from insert and connect it to the top of the ozone generator
  4. Generously lubricate insert with KY gel or preferred lubricant
  5. Get in a comfortable position next to the ozone generator
  6. Insert white piece
  7. Set knob on regulator to 1/8LPM (Setting 8 for Stratus 3.0 or Ozone+ regulator)
  8. Operate for 10 minutes or as directed by medical professional.
    1. Discontinue if you are uncomfortable or experiencing pain
  9. Set regulator to 0
  10. Turn ozone generator off

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